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VERI-Q™ PCR 316 COVID-19 Detection Platform

The Need:

VERI-Q™ PCR 316 COVID-19 Detection Platform

In responding to the current novel coronavirus pandemic, front–line caretakers require a new paradigm of diagnostics than what conventional labs can provide. Public health officials cannot afford to stand by for lab results and risk further spread of the virus. Moreover, patients and doctors are unwilling to wait days to receive results. We need a point-of-care solution: a solution that provides fast, accurate, and reliable confirmatory diagnosis.


The Solution

  • PCR 316 COVID-19 Kit: near point-of care diagnostics in 1 hour

  • Patients get test results on site

  • CE-IVD marked

  • Made in South Korea

1 Hour Detection of SARS-CoV-2

  • High sensitivity (LoD) and specificity, 100% detection

  • High accuracy using two target primer and probe sets (N and ORF genes)

  • Nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal swab and sputum samples

  • Two reactions per test

  • Cut-off: <40 Ct

VERI-Q PCR 316 Amplifier

It is Real-time VERI-Q PCR 316 developed by MiCoBioMed and you can get the result in a short time using plastic chip.

  • Rapid and accurate RT-qPCR amplifier

  • Microfluidic LabChip® disposables

VERI-Q PREP M16 Extractor

Sample Prep M16 (G2-16TU) System is a device, which is included membrane, to extract nucleic acid using tube.

  • Automated nucleic acid extraction instrument

  • Eliminates manual processing steps

  • Enables DNA/RNA extraction from various sample types such as
    blood, nasal swab, sputum, and tissue

  • Uses sample tubes with silica membrane for DNA/RNA extraction

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